Ruth 2

A message from a series on the book of Ruth. Text- Ruth 1:1-5. Going in the wrong direction will always lead you to the wrong destination.


Ruth 1: A vital Key- Bethlehem is in Judah


This first message in a series from the book of Ruth, presents a vital key to experiencing the victorious Christian life. Bethlehem is in Judah! Your temporary problem may be big enough to hold you, but it is not big enough to hold the manifested presence of God.

After The Resurrection

This message was preached on March 27, 2016, Easter Sunday, at Lakewood Camping Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. 

God CAN!

If you ever have any doubt that God can supply a need, restore a loss, or transform a person; rest assured in knowing that God CAN! This message was recorded live at Lakewood Camping Resort on 1/4/2015. 

3 Spiritual Resolutions for 2015

This message was presented live at Lakewood Camping Resort on December 28, 2014. While only 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, only 8% achieve their goals. This statistic seems like justifiable incentive to stop setting goals, plans, and resolutions for the new year. The tragedy in this thought process is: Christians can become content on being successful at attempting NOTHING to advance the kingdom of God. In this message I offer for your consideration: 3 spiritual resolutions for 2015.

Faith, Hope, and Love- the hope of heaven

Hope for a Christian is to anticipate with confidence. One of our greatest hopes is to spend eternity together with our God and those who have gone before us. We must never forget that this world is not our ultimate home, this life is just a vapor, and our eternal citizenship is in heaven. Recorded live at Lakewood Camping Resort on October 19, 2013.

Faith, Hope, and Love- Remember what it was like to be hopeless

As followers of Christ, we are people of hope. A rarely used key to re-energizing our faith and spiritual zeal is remembering what it was like to be hopeless. Recorded live at Lakewood Camping Resort on October 12, 2013.